Wine Tasting South West, France Lot et Garonne

Les Vignerons De Buzet


Enjoy The Experience Of Virtually Tasting The Buzet Wine Taste The Flavours With Andreas Larsson .

When you order a dish in the restaurant, you like to know with what garnish it is served and what the sauce is made of. When you book accommodation for a getaway, you precisely study the location, access … in short you do not leave anything to chance. You do not like being disappointed you wont be either with your accommodation here at Gone Fishin in the sunny Lot et Garonne.

Rozet by Buzet , rosé wine.

This cooperative at Buzet has conquered the exclusively feminine jury of the Féminalise 2018 : it wins the Gold, among wines from around the world  !

Rozet de Buzet
Rozet de Buzet an award winner

A nice success for this fruity and gourmet rosé wine, flagship of Buzet cooperative, ( only 15 mins from your holiday hole here at Gone Fishin Aiguillon in the sunny Lot et Garonne ) . They have committed themselves for more than 10 years in the viticulture way reconciling the best of technology, respect for all and the environment!

Especially since in addition to competing wines from all continents, the jury (all female) contest is composed of more than 600 women – exclusively – professionals and connoisseurs .

Rozet by Buzet , a rosé wine of quality is the mixture of a subtle selection and a meticulous breeding. Fruity and gourmet, generous and elegant, Rozet by Buzet will be the partner of your refined moments.

Domaine de Michelet .

This is a red wine labeled organic and vegan (no application of animal protein, sometimes used to filter certain wines, replaced by vegetable protein). It is a wine without added sulphites.

Domain de Michelet
Domain de Michelet Fruity & Light
Vintage : 2017

Fruity & Light

Vintage : 2017

T ° C of tasting : 16

No added sulphites

Cabernet Franc


The Baron d’Ardeuil.

The flagship red wine of the cooperative, could suit you! Its woody notes and roundness on the palate made it famous.

Baron D'Ardeuil
Baron D’Ardeuil Its woody taste and roundness on the palate made it famous.

The Baron d’Ardeuil claims its share of tradition in its name, which draws its origins in the historical figures of France. It has nevertheless been able to adapt to cross the decades and remains today a classic of our cellar. Do not be mistaken! Tradition does not mean boring!

This red wine has also evolved to cross decades and adapt to current tastes. It is a red wine whose aromas of toast and coffee are preferential for red meats and sauces, but which is very suitable for grilled dishes and even vegetable dishes a little spiced up.

Les Vignerons de Buzet announced recently they have bought les Château de Buzet.

They invisage total renovation so the Chatea can hold events with much wine sampling, seen through the show “La vie de château” presented by Michel Cardoze for TV7 Bordeaux! A piece of Albret history is here!

Welcome To Gone Fishin In The Sunny Lot et Garonne

Welcome to Gone Fishin

A wonderful warm welcome awaits you here at Gone Fishin Aiguillon in the sunny Lot et Garonne, Nouvelle Aquitaine.

And yes, the Carp Fishing is free. This is not a Carp Fishing holiday its just a bonus and it is really free.

We have awaiting your arrival Fresh Croissants , Baguette, a breakfast ensemble of Jams, Butter and Marmalade. A fresh ham salad ready for eating with a bottle of either a red or white wine of the region.

This means total relaxation no need to think of shopping and no rush in the morning. Bliss….. the holiday is on course

You arrive as guests but leave as friends.