Holiday for 2 Lot Garonne South West France

A Christmassy feeling in Bordeaux

Bordeaux church

Christmas is underway in Bordeaux with roasted chestnuts and mulled wine or oysters and white wine being offered freely to many shoppers.

Why not visit a Christmas  Circus or a visit to the extravagantly  decorated Castles.

Shopping in Bordeaux
A shopping frenzy starting for Christmas in Bordeaux

Even the  Museums and the street artists are feeling Christmassy.

 It’s a wonderful time in Bordeaux … With all the flavours The Bordeaux Tourist has organised with the Chamber of Commerce for the first weekend of December.

Bordeaux celebrations
Bordeaux enjoys celebrating all year round

But whatever your choice, you will not escape the magic of Christmas in the cities be it Bordeaux or Agen or Villeneuve sur Lot.

A reminder Bordeaux is a fabulous wine growing region, and it is a port city of the Garonne river in South West France .

Also well-known for this Gothic cathedral Saint Andre .

There are beautiful mansions 18 to 19th century and notable art museums for example The Musée des Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux.

The dynamic curving river quays have the beautiful public gardens running alongside.

The grand Place de la Bourse, centred on the Three Graces Fountain, over looks the famous Miroir d’Eau reflecting pool.

A must is the Grande Opera House ….Christmas spectacular at the Opera de Versailles, le Grand-Théâtre de Bordeaux

Opera House
Christmas spectacular at the Opera de Versailles, le Grand-Théâtre de Bordeaux

A place not to be me missed especially at Christmas time is Known as Paul’s Place in Bordeaux

A small restaurant in the heart of Bordeaux offering Home cooking exceptional…for the evenings.

People converge to Paul’s Place not only for the great cooking, enchanting decor, Live music, poetry readings , table Magic, exhibitions but drama and cultural gatherings.

When you enter Paul’s place you will see the walls and ceilings are richly covered with images and artefacts.

A treasure box of delights.

Pauls Place Bordeaux
Pauls Place Bordeaux

Whatever the occasion it’s the place to go be it just for a drink, a meal or listen to the live music.

A taste of music whats on this next week..

We are certainly off to enjoy the Christmas feel in Bordeaux next week.

So easy from Gone Fishin here in the sunny Lot et Garonne. We just take an 8 minute drive to Aiguillon station, catch the train to Bordeaux and within 1hr 10 minutes can be enjoying the Christmas spirit in the wonderful town of Bordeaux.

Where To Buy Organic Food in South West France

organic food store

Just 10 minutes from your holiday home here at Gone Fishin in the sunny Lot et Garonne you will find a fabulous organic shop Biocoop Gaia that specialises not only in local organic produce from surrounding areas of Aiguillon , Clairac and Marmande but all things for the home that is using organics . No plastics in sight. Facial creams and make up and many medical organic products. The family that run it are Dutch and all speak English  so indeed many of our English guests go and have a chatter , buy products and thoroughly enjoy the experience .


Pop into the satelite navigation… Ponchut – RD 813 – 47130 Port-Sainte-Marie

Biocoop Gaia
Biocoop Oraganic produce run by a delightful Dutch Family

Since the beginning of its creation, 20 years ago, they have managed their store as a cooperative. It is a motivated team, united by common values ​​and a love of their produce  that will welcome you at GAIA. As a member of the Biocoop network, Gaia is committed to respecting a common charter by supporting the development of organic and fair farming, in partnership with producer groups.

Organic food and household items
Biocoop Organics for all
Their products are rigorously selected by their network and meet the specifications of organic farming, fair trade and eco-products.
Located near the small village of Port St Marie, in the heart of a production basin, they favor live purchases from local producers.
We also can introduce you to a number of local apple growers whose produce is purely organic .

The Best Cycle Route in South West France

Cycle route close to Gone Fishin Aiguillon

Enjoying the cycle paths down the canal just 15 minutes away from your holiday home here at Gone Fishin’ Aiguillon. If you want to hire bicycles they can be brought to your door .

The Canals cycle route continues along the greenway beside the Canal de Garonne, passing through the very lively port of Buzet-sur-Baïse. You reach Agen itself via one of the longest canal-bridges in France, at 600m. The town is both capital of the département (French county) of Lot-et-Garonne and French capital of prunes… and it conceals many other curiosities, which you can discover in the remarkable monuments in the historic centre.

Agens famous long bridge
One of the longest canal bridges in France more than 600m

Explore Agen with its winding medieval streets and elegant boulevards, discover history going back 2,000 years, via St Caprais Cathedral, Rue des Cornières, the Musée des Beaux Arts (its art collections occupying four Renaissance houses) and Les Jacobins Church… not forgetting the splendid canal-bridge over the Garonne – with four locks and 23 stone arches, it’s the second-longest canal-bridge in France, after that over the Loire at Briare.

A Great Place For Snorkelling in South West France

Arcachon bay is the bay of Atlantic Ocean on the southwest coast of France. The main diving area for Bordeaux divers is the Arcachon bay. It is a lagoon of 250 square km. The Arcachon Bay is the biggest sand dune in Europe. Much more here courtesy


The two main dive sites are Hortense and Saint Yves, but many other places are also interesting to spend time with sports. Advanced divers will dive out of the Arcachon bay on several wrecks, such as Le Chariot.


Scuba diving is an adventure open to anyone aged 12 or above. At the bottom of the dune, you can find a number of cafes and memorial shops. With the right training and support, you could be very soon enjoying your own scuba diving adventure!

The Colourful Carnival in South West France

Monflanquin Festival

Monflanquin Medieval  Festival The French equivalent to a spectacular carnival. People come from all over France and often the French stop for a long weekend to soak the atmosphere. Monflanquin, is a bastide in the north of the Lot-et-Garonne department of the southwest of France.

Built in 1256 as a military bastidetown on a strategic north-south route, it changed hands several times during the Hundred Years’ War.

The Festival start by animating this story…The story opens up to a medieval jester dressed in white and red, his shoes have curled-up toes and he is leaning on a twisted cane. He is surrounded by many children, laughing and listening as he explains the history of his Aquitaine village, Monflanquin. He is Janouille la Fripouille (the Scoundrel Janouille), bastard son of Henry of Navarre – who became Henri IV of France in 1589 – and the alter ego of street performer Jean Rocher.

Monflanquin festival
Monflanquin festival  (spoilt by Stella Artois!!)


Monflanquin Medieval entertainment
Spellbound children

“One day in 1252, Alphonse de Poitiers came riding out from his castle home near what became Villeneuve-sur-Lot with his wife, Jeanne, daughter of Raymond VII, Count of Toulouse she with her dowry of the lands of Rouerque, Quercy and Agenais.

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A Fantastic Boat Trip in South West France

Pleasure Boat For The day from Buzet

Just a short journey from Gone Fishin here in Aiguillon of 15-20 minutes will take you to Buzet and the River Baïse where you can enjoy taking a pleasure #boat for a relaxing journey.

Aquitaine (now renamed Nouvelle Aquitaine) is known for its fabulous wines and gourmet cuisine, which can be enjoyed at stopping off points on your journey. The Canal Latéral à la Garonne and the River Baïse make your boating playground, winding through meadows, orchards and medieval villages that tempt you to tie up and spend time simply sipping wine in the warm sunshine with your family and friends!

The Cloisters & Abbey Cruise, is a  picture-postcard scenery and glorious gastronomy of Aquitaine and taste the famous Agen Prunes, fois gras, truffles and Bordeaux wines. Stop for cultural discovery and visit the Moissac’s world-famous abbey and cloisters and the art Museum at Agen boasting works by Goya, Sisley and Dufy. The cruise which starts in Castlesarrasin  the villages along the way including Mossiac, Valenc, and Buzet, to name a few are wonderful!

#Whattodo…Time your Aquitaine wine tasting cruise with the Buzet #Winetasting Festival held every August in Nérac! Visit the Buzet Wine Cave in Buzet and tour Château Le Courréjot near Moncrabeau, a producer of Armagnac and Chablis! Even try some samples!

Nerac cruise
A guided boat trip through the waterways

Perhaps enjoy a guided boat tour.. Guided cruise (1hour), on board a splendid varnished wooden barge of 75 seats. In Nérac, along the river Baïse, you will discover the old town of King Henry IV, famous for his love affairs : the royal park of the Garonne, Fleurette fountain, baths of the King, the roman bridge, the nice portn the Nazareth typical lock…
Boats rented for 2 to 12 people. 1 or 2 hours, half-day or one day. The pleasure of cruising freely on the river Baïse. Recommended for a dayside along the rive with picnic. More information about this boat trip at Nerac

Where To Eat Recommendations Between Agen and Villeneuve Sur Lot

Pujols offering delights

Enjoy Pujols ( on the way to Villeneuve sur Lot) offering an ambiance set in a Bastide and on Sunday morning you can not only enjoy a meal but enjoy the market which is buzzing.

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