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Welcome to those that enjoy fishing. 

One of the main reasons guests choose Gone Fishin is that when the other partner prefers to just read , relax and enjoy the ambiance in the garden you are just a few strides away from each other to share a cup of tea or something stronger or more importantly if you need a good picture shoot of your catch its just a hop skip and a jump and you are there! 

Sue's Fishing Log

An update to the 2011 Fishing Log

2017 GONE FISHIN’ in Aiguillon in the beautiful Lott et Garonne

I have fished the lake at Gone Fishin’ many many times since my first fishing log and can report that my original tactics still work well with a few new baits introduced.

Hookable soft pellets are very popular as well as luncheon meat both producing fish of good sizes and frequency of bites.

Fishing with larger baits, over depth, gives you a better opportunity of the larger carp biting and I have had many over 20 lb since fishing here.

I dont bother with alarms and boilie set ups as I prefer to float fish, but this approach would get into the larger fish but you may have to wait longer.

I have also been smashed up many times with fish that felt well above the 20 lb I have had before, my best being 24 lb caught on 4 bits of corn.

I tend only to fish for 3 hours at a time and I am sure that longer sessions/night fishing would produce larger fish as I know they are there.

Lastly the condition of the fish is very very good, clean and bright, with vibrant colours and fighting all the way to the net.

Good luck and tight lines.


Arrival at 6pm May 7th 2011 at Gone Fishin the start of our holiday, had a snack and wandered to the lake just seconds away!

Fishing 7pm – 9pm

3 Fish…….2 crucians 3-4lb and 1 carp 5lb

2 rigs smashed on pole & 3 fish lost.

5 fish lost in all. Tomorrow carp rod.

Sunday 8th May Session….1.

7.45am Fishing.

Started with light float, 3 weights – 3 fish.

2 crucians 2-3lb

1 carp 5lb


Needed to go further out, new float 1 big weight.

6 fish………

4 crucians 2-5lb

1 carp 4lb

1 carp 8-9lb

Fed swim finished fishing 11am. Light winds from East.


Start 6.00pm

Very hot & sunny. No bites till 8.45

Then 15lb carp, followed by 8lb carp.

Packed up 9.30pm.

Monday May 9th Session…. 1

Started 7am – 9am

6 fish

4 crucian 2-5lb

2 carp – 9lb and 7lb.

Went indoors had a brew! (Gite only seconds away from the lake).

9.30 – 10.30…… 10 fish

9 crucians 2-4lb

1 carp 5lb

All on coctails (crab & corn).

10.30 packed up.

Session…. 2.

Very hot today 30+ deg.

7.45pm began.

6 bombs to tree near bank, not a bite, humph! Finished 9.30.

Tuesday May 10th ….Session 1.

Started 7.45 overcast & a bit windy but warm.

5 fish.

4 crucian 2-4lb

1 carp 6lb

Finished 9.30

10.15 began again slow start but 10 crucians 2-5lb.

Finished 12.30

Lunch…….omlette with hens eggs (the girl’s) from the gite!

Session….2 fed swim with bombs very hot.

fished 6pm to 9.30

1 carp 6lb

Missed 3 bites.

Wednesday May11th …. Session 1.

Early up fed swim with corn only.

Stalked big carp for over 1 hr no joy, breeding time?

3 crucians 2-4 lb

1 carp 7lb

Finished 9.30am

Session…. 2

Fished margins left hand side of boat 2 rod lengths out and waited for fizz; fish on,,,,, 9.35pm last bite big carp weighed 19.5 lb including net, now very dark;

Thursday May 12th….Session1.

Got up too early, thunder and lightening through the night & heavy rain.

Finally got out 9.00 – windy & rain decided to fish where the scarecrow & seat are.

Best for casting 10 metres only just off shelf.

10.15 and started with………..

10 crucians

2 carp,

1 16lb and other 15-17lb.

Changed to 12 hook as missing too many bites, single grain of corn and got BIG carp straight away

– 2 fish after, finished 12.30.

Session…. 2.

Started 7.30 finished 9.30. Fished around by the scarecrow.

4 fish……..2 carp one a 12lb.

3 crucians

1 black bass

*Went to fizz swim by the boat, 1 mtre out missed one carp big but now too dark.

Friday 7.00 am start by the scarecrow tree 2m outsingle carp on 12 hook.

Fed with pellets

3 fish……… 1 crucian 3lb

2 carp 6lb and a 15lb.

Finished at 9am.



All at Gone Fishin Aiguillon in The Lot et Garonne.

31 hours spent fishing ; Good fishing,all fish in good condition and fighters; overall very enjoyable beautiful lake plenty of good swims not too hard to catch and gite seconds away for a cuppa between bites;

I would add at end that best bait for me was single corn fished over loose fed corn and small trout pellets on size 12 barbless carp hook;

Scarecrow swim and left hand side of boat swim both good did not try anywhere else but there will be other places as good or better.

Note – on Friday bites slow so had a walk round and noticed a very large shoal of carp in the margins to the left of scarecrow swim 6 trees along; suspect that they feel safe there as v difficult to cast and land them; you would need to go another 10 meters to get to the bank and cast back to them

Tight lines everyone.



Relax and enjoy Gone Fishin
Your lake all but in the garden
Not a fishing holiday just a bonus its free
No permit required
Common Carp
Quality carp
Fishermans delight at gone fishin
Carp feeding time
a beauty at Gone Fishin
School of youngsters at Gone Fishin
Black bass youngsters
wonderful ambiance
Wonderful ambiance
A great holiday for all